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How do you keep your cholesterol down?
5/19/2013 5:06:00 PM
How do you keep your cholesterol down?ByThread Owner
How do you keep your cholesterol down? Im 55 and my doctor has said i have high cholesterol, he says I need to do this to live a healthier life, even though I am not and have never been overweight. So it is a little strange to me, I do like eating salty stuff so that could have been the root cause.

Anyway, any suggestions about lowering it, should I be on medication, what foods should I be eating?
5/21/2013 11:49:00 PM
How do you keep your cholesterol down?BySteve
Cholesterol is a tricky fatty useless killer of americans everyday. It causes heard problems, diabetics, and stroke. Can cause high blood pressure so on.

The best way to lower it and keep it in check is by diet and exercise. I know, topical America dont like that answer. Thats why Americans are the fattest humans on earth. I am not bashing you please dont take that wrong and I have no idea of your physical stature at all, just the facts.

The best way to lower your cholesterol is to stop eating fatty food, dont cook using cooking oil or grease, and chose your foods with your cholesterol in mind. If your heavy and cant run take a walk every day, find some steps and walk the steps for at least 30 minutes a day. Monitor your heart rate, you want to raise your heart rate and keep it elevated for 30 minutes. Now you can raise it then walk and et it lower some them raise it again, repeat. The point is to not over do it or hurt yourself.

Choose a plant based diet and stay away from red meat and port. Eat more baked or grilled chicken or fish. Eat plenty of veggies and include healthy snacks such as fruits and nuts. Dont eat fast food if you can avoid it at all. If you have to stop and grab a meal make it a salad.

I have never had issues with my cholesterol even when I was heavy because I just dont eat a lot of fried foods, fast foods. My problem was sweets and red meat. I changed my diet a week before Easter, just got tired of being heavier then I needed to be, So I went to a modified vegetarian diet. I dont eat red meat, pork. I rarely eat chicken or fish but when I do its backed or grilled. I run on a treadmill and when its pretty out I will take a run outside. I run for a minimal of 30 minutes, thats a couple miles at my pace.

I am not telling you how to live just what works for me. I am 47 years old and to date no cholesterol problems, its perfect every year. I did have high blood pressure, it runs in my family. I was taking 3 pills a day to control it a year ago. I dropped some weight and guess what, no more pills :)

Good luck and I hope this helps you reside whats best for you.
6/1/2013 2:38:00 PM
How do you keep your cholesterol down?Byjlogan
Increase fiber content of your diet by eating foods rich in fiber.
Incorporate strength training in your workout routine to increase muscle mass. Eat nuts like walnuts and almonds which have High Density Lipo-proteins (HDL).
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