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What does a Fanbelt do?
5/19/2013 4:25:00 PM
What does a Fanbelt do?ByThread Owner
Can someone explain what does a fanbelt do on a car, when i look at my online dictionary it says: A belt driven by the crankshaft that drives a fan that pulls air through the radiator, now that sort of makes sense to me but is this needed to cool off the radiator?

Thanks in advance!
2/22/2014 12:29:00 PM
What does a Fanbelt do?ByAndrew
well do you have a modern car or an older model? a modern vehicle uses the fan belt to use the energy from the crank shaft turn the waterpump, alternator, aircon pump and power steering pump but uses electricity to power a single or double fan to cool the radiator, the easiest way to see if your fanbelt cools the radiator is to look at the front of the engine and see if there is a fan bolted on to engine if not then it uses electricity, if you have a transverse motor then a motor driven fan would not work because the front of the motor is to the side of the car not the front, if the car is in motion it tends not to need a fan and only uses the fan (electric or viscous) when the temperature reaches a level that is best suited for your manufacturer between 60-80 degrees Celsius, therefore the answer to your question is no, the fanbelt is not needed to cool the radiator but it is needed to cool you down in your car on a hot day via the aircon and it does help you turn the steering wheel without going to the gym, and it also circulates the water around through the motor, there are a few cars that use the cam shaft to turn the waterpump, so there are some vehicles that dont need the fanbelt, but not recommended because of the alternator.
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