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What should your heart rate be
4/22/2013 9:32:00 PM
What should your heart rate beByThread Owner
I have a resting heart rate of about 70 and when I start playing sport it goes up immensely, i am a little heavy and wanted to know if this is dangerous for heart attacks or strokes, I am 40 years old.

Thanks, Gary
5/21/2013 11:58:00 PM
What should your heart rate beBySteve
I am 47 and my resting heart rate is in the 60s. When I workout or go for a run my heart rate will get to 160 to 170 bpm. Its not bad for you at all, its normal. Your heart has to beat faster to keep up with whats going on in your body at the time. Also it will help you some of the extra weight. The only way to loose weight is to starve or raise your heart rate.

Any expert will tell you to raise you heart rate to a point and keep it there for a while then let it fall. The Insanity workout is based on this theory. You have about 30 seconds to a minute of intense exertion then 30 seconds to let it relax then do it again for 45 minutes to an hour. But no.. Your heart rate going up during exertion is normal. Keep up the sports and dig in
5/29/2013 7:59:00 PM
What should your heart rate beByJack
Your resting heart rate and your heart rate during exercise would be very different. Depending on your cardiovascular health your resting heat rate should be anything between 60-90 beats a minute. My brother is a college level track athlete and his resting heartrate is around 60 bpm whic h means his cardio is really strong but my heartrate (I do competitive brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) is closer to 70-75 bpm.
6/14/2013 6:50:00 AM
What should your heart rate beBykelly
For a healthy adult the heart rate should be between 60 & 85 beats per minute at rest. With physical activity it goes up from 85 to 140 for the average adult. But if the adult is physically fit the heart rate my not go above 70 with strenuous activity. The average resting heart for a new born is 140 to 200.
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