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United States - san mateo - Offering affordable rides to The San Francisco International Airport and The Oakland International Airport in our full size, eight passenger SUVs and luxury Lincoln Town cars, starting at $25.00. Hourly rentals and charters, starting at $45.00.Whether you are looking for rides to SFO/OAK, our knowledgeable drivers, are here to serve you.

What are some good motor car investments?

Ford, GM and Chrysler, in the past ten years, have really proven to be great investments. Of course, I failed to get in on the ground level. But, from what I hear, folks that invested in these companies, are quite satisfied. And Im really happy for them

What cars are the best value for money?

As always, Mercedes Benz, especially, the Diesel engines. Even today, on Ebay, old diesel engine Mercedes Benz Cars, up for sale, go very quickly. Another quality car that folks seem to like, is, Toyota Avalon, I really dont get it. Personally I have Chevy Suburban

Can you explain how a motor car actually works?

Of course, the internal combustion engines, with all the moving parts, pistons, intake, combustion chamber, you know, the fuel and air mixture, the spark plugs. But now, we have Electric, zero emissions engines. Tesla leads this field, but, I personally like the Chevy Bolt

What is your history in business?

I started my Limousine Service company, here in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, United States of America, in nineteen ninety eight.I started with just one slightly used Lincoln town car. Now, I have a fleet of full size, eight passenger SUVs and Lincoln Town Cars

What motor car news excites you most?

I would have to say, the zero emissions vehicles. I prefer the Chevrolet Bolt. The reason is that, even though its less popular and glamorous that the Tesla, its less expensive and gets a really really very good range. And you also get to travel in the car pool, diamond lane

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When you rent or charter either our SUV or Lincoln Town Car, you get 1 hour free with every six hours. We guarantee to be more affordable than Uber SUVs or UBER black. We offer special rates for Northern California wines tours. Weekdays, our hourly rentals, starts on at $45.00. We are very very knowledgeable of Napa and Sonoma Vineyards.

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