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my YouTube channel
United States - spring feild
my YouTube channel - Hello Im rogue. I run a YouTube channel,i looking for an audience. I hope you would like to be channel is a gaming channel.and my first couple of videos are not very good their actually terrible Im hoping to improve my editing and recording skills to make some nice content.

Do you have any tips regarding the Entertainment industry?

If you think you may need to research it or you dont know anything about it.then do research it helps greatly improve what you know what you can do how you can do it and if you get a good start or a bad start on what your doing .if you do happen too do bad keep trying.

How long have you been involved in Entertainment?

Ive only been I doing YouTube for a week and a half and Ill explain my start because thats what required of me to post these ad.its Ben hard starting off for one I didt have a computer or any knowledge on software or cameras or editing so for me to go from my first video to my newest video was actually a good leap for me and Im proud of myself.

What type of people enjoy your talents most?

Id assume gamer and a few kids my main crowed I want to which would be gamer and those who like me half lost an interest in most movies made today the acting and story driven plot have dried up compared to older day movies and Im hoping to reach out to those people and hopefully entertain them in my original own way.

Have you done any news worthy events or shows?


What is your dream for your career?

Im hoping to entertain people have some fun and brighten my own life a little by working towards this goal.and Maybe if Im able to brighten other days to I can maybe change this hobby to a full time job.which to me would be a dream come true and be very exciting.

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Im a new YouTuber and hopeing to increase my channel to atleast a few people to try and start something fun a neat and have a community.amd entertain people.

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