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classy lad
United States - mesa
classy lad - I have been in business here and in chicago now for over 17 years...i enjoy my work trememdously. I have had the same clients for many many years. Refererences if you would like. Im very reasonable and very thorough also. 815 793 4348....Tina

What cleaning services do you offer?

I offer all rooms cleaned in the house...baseboards are extra and blinds are extra, refrigerators are extra and stove inside prices are reasonable

Do you have any cleaning tips for our users?

stains on carpet....soak some suds from dawn dish soap on top of the stain for 20 mins and it should come right out, keep a mr magic white pad handy at all does wonders, clean at least thoroghly every 2 weeks

What products and items do you clean with?

a variety...comit, bleach, red pine, mr clean, windex, scrubbing bubbles, mr white clean pads and other great products

What tips do you have about carpet cleaning?

soak the stained area for at least 20 mins then pull it up with wet wash cloth, vacumm reguarly at least 3 times a week

Can you give us 2 customer reviews?

Doris Solliday said she would love to speak with any of you anytime and so would Ann Urbano...they love the work that i do and the relationship we have built thru the years, based on trust and commitment and always being on time

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i have been in business for over 19 years, in arizona and have many clients still that i have had from the beginning, i would love to add you to my list of awsome cliential "Free Advertising Online"