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Top Electrician in Ridgewood, NJ
United States - New Jersey
Top Electrician in Ridgewood, NJ - We offer a full line of services for your home or business to ensure your comfort and peace of mind. Our services include: recessed and pendant lighting installations, electrical panel installation, knob and tube replacement, electrical wiring and rewiring for new or existing, generator installation (dont get stuck without power), indoor and outdoor lighting, ceiling fan wiring, in the areas of commercial or residential.

Can any Electrician do the job? How can you be sure?

Your electrical system has many demands placed on it. Things like computers, TVs, kitchen appliances… Because of this, it is the central nervous system to your home and not just anyone can maintain it. When looking for an electrician make sure, firstly, that they are properly licensed and carry insurance.

Does your job involve various skills? Can you name a few?

Almost every building has an electrical power, communications, lighting, and a control panel and the skills involved in installing and maintaining these include, reading blueprints or technical diagrams, installing or maintaining wiring, installing lights, security cameras, inspecting and repairing electrical components like transformers and circuit breakers, identifying electrical problems using testing devices, repairing or replacing wiring, equipment, or fixtures using hand tools and power tools, and more.

What should we know about the industry?

The electrical industry is here to stay and ever expanding due to new technology that is being installed in homes and businesses in an ongoing, and ever present manner. More and more homes and high rise apartment buildings means more and more electricity.

Do you belong to an electrician union or association?

Yes, in NJ, like most states, electricians have to pass a test and be licensed. For more information, contact your local or state electrical licensing board. The tests have questions related to the National Electrical Code, state electrical codes, and local electrical codes.

What safety tips do you have for someone doing DIY electrical work?

Always wear the proper safety gear and clothing. Things like shatter-proof eye protection and non-conductive work boots or other industrial safety footwear.

Live circuits - use just one hand and keep yourself insulated at all times.

Be neat -dont leave material or tools on a job site that can cause tripping hazards for others. Make sure as you work you clean up your area. Pick up after yourself as you work.

Safety is your top job. Electrical current is no joke.

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