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Sparkle Cleaning Service
United States - Lake Ozark
Sparkle Cleaning Service - Sparkle Cleaning Services - Jen Wuellner (919) 280-4257
Cleaning Services
KitchenAll Rooms
Clean all counters Clean baseboards
Wipe down all appliancesDust Lamps and lamp shades
Wipe down all cabinets Clean Ceiling Fans
Clean microwave Empty all trash cans and take out garbage
Vacuum and wash floor
Load dishwasher and/or wash dishes
Clean vanity and mirror
Clean in/out toilet
Clean shower and bathtubs
Wipe down cabinet doors and drawers
Vacuum and wash floors
Living Room/Dining Room
Dust all surfaces top to bottom
Vacuum/wash floor
Dust all surfaces top to bottom
Vacuum/wash floors
Wash and change bedding
Clean mirrors
Laundry Room
Dust all surfaces
Wipe down all appliances
Vacuum and wash floor
Dust lamps and lamp shades
Clean ceiling fans
Empty all trash cans and take out garbage

All Rooms
Clean baseboards
Dust lamps and shades
Clean ceiling fans
Empty trash cans and take out garbage

Will do laundry for the duration of the cleaning, starting with bedding and towels
Application of Rejuvenate applied to wooden floors for deep shine

Dog walkingMay require second visit
Shampoo carpets
Clean outside decks and furniture
Clean windows


Clean and organize under sinks, clean kitchen shelves and drawers, replace with clean dishes etc., clean and organize Laundry Room, clean and organize closets
Lysol Disinfectant Spray cleaners
Murphys wood cleaner spray for cabinets and Murphys wooden floor cleaner
Pinesol for floor surfaces
Lysol with bleach toilet bowl cleaner
Scrubbing Bubbles for bathtubs and showers
Windex with vinegar for glass and mirrors
Swiffer for blinds
Use client products as requested and will use client laundry products

Prices Vary Depending on Home/Condo and Size
First cleaning visit$175.00 Clean windows $40.00
Weekly cleaning$125.00 Special requests - negotiable
Bi-weekly $150.00
Monthly $175.00 SENIOR DISCOUNT - $25
Dog walking$15.00
Shampoo Carpets$75.00 per level
Clean outside decks/furnitureNegotiable

100% guarantee, if anything is not done to client satisfaction, it will be re-done.

What cleaning services do you offer?

All cleaning services include Kitchen, Bathrooms, Dining Rooms, Bedrooms, Living Rooms, Laundry rooms, etc.
Dust, wipe down all appliances, wipe down entire kitchen including cabinets and appliances and clean microwave, vacuum and wash floors, clean entire bathrooms, wash all baseboards, dust lamps,shades and ceiling fans. FREE SERViCES include doing laundry starting with bedding and towels, made beds. All for homes/condos with wooden floors apply a coat of Rejuvenate. I offer a senior discount (65+) of $25.00, per visit, I also have a wide variety of speciality items and will take all special requests.

Do you have any cleaning tips for our users?

If you want a clean home, take care of it. My home is always clean as I have always wanted to live in that kind of environment. People can see if you take care of your home or if you just do the minimum when you have time. Theres no better feeling for me than to have a clean condo to come home to everyday! I can relax and enjoy myself much more and I like to live that way,

What products and items do you clean with?

Lysol Disinfectant Spray Cleaners
Murphys wood clean srpray for wood cabninets, etc.
Murphys wooden floor cleaner
Pinesol for floor surfaces
Scrubbing Bubbles for bathtubs and showers
Lysol with bleach for toilets
Windex with vinegar for glass and mirrors
Swiffer for blinds
Use client laundry items
Free application of Rejuvenate for wooden floors if wanted, its amazing!

What tips do you have about carpet cleaning?

Always vacuum each room thoroughly. Spot treat if necessary. I use a Hoover carpet cleaner with Bissell Deep Clean and Refresh. I use the soap first, the entire room and then go back and rinse until all the soap is gone. Leaves the rooms smelling fresh and clean and the carpets dry quicker.

Can you give us 2 customer reviews?

This is a new business so I have not client reviews yet. This being said I know that my business will grow because I put my heart into everything I do, no matter what and the only way to succeed is by word of mouth. I believe in doing things the right way, thats why I offer a 100% guarantee on all my services.

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Business Owner's Profile
Jen -- Sparkle
I have always taken great care of my homes. This is evident when we sold our first home the morning it went on the market and our second home had 5 offers in three days, one over asking price, I have also looked at many homes and can tell immediately if a home has been taken care of, I not, I walk.

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