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Pharmacy Technician Certification Program
United States - Union Springs
Pharmacy Technician Certification Program - In under a month and for under four thousand dollars you can become a certified pharmacy technician! Not only will you be certified, but you will complete an externship where you will gain the experience needed to get an amazing job in whatever pharmacy you want! Rooms for overnight students are available, as well as long distance learning online.

What skills are in demand worldwide?

The medical field is looking for good, honest hard working medical professionals on every level.

Any advice for somebody wanting to study?

This is an extremely intense program, meaning we took a long program and made it only a month long so that people can spend more time doing what they love to do rather than what they have to.

Do you need a degree in your field?

No, the only thing you are required to have is a high school diploma, at the end of the program you will have a certificate.

Is this recognized worldwide or locally, if so with who?

This could be worldwide because of our long distance learning (video chat into the class), however our advertising is just now getting started so its more of a local program.

What options are available to students?

The students can stay in the dorms, food and wifi is included in the price. Students can come in every day and it takes off almost a thousand dollars from the price, the same for long distance learners. However if you stay in the dorm, the price is still under four thousand dollars.

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Rilla Garlock
I am the Administrative Assistant for the Pharmacy Technician Program, any time you call or come in to the campus you will be put in contact with me.

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