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Kmat, LLC
United States - Mississippi Gulf Coast
Kmat, LLC - We have been in business for 13 years and have handled jobs from large to small. We offer free estimates and fair pricing. We offer senior discounts and military discounts. WE take all major credit cards and can also offer financing in some instances. Give us a call for all you handyman services

Any adivce about selecting a good Handyman?

One that has been in business for a long time and has high reviews and can provide references. They should also offer free estimates and discounts. Having many options to contact them for issues during a project should be a priority. Payment options other than cash is important.

What tools and skills do you have?

We have many tools that we find helpful throughout the project. Any company that has been around a while should have most if not all the tools of the trade. A hammer and a tape measure is not enough. A very important skill is people skills. Our clients become our friends. We will work hard to make sure we are completely upfront on the cost and the project scope. This requires communication skills.

Did you study or have you become self-tought?

I have been doing this work since I was 9 years old. My grandfather brought me to work in the new home construction world during the summers when I was out of school. I was a gopher until I was 14. I was doing framing and roofing until I went into the service at 17. I retired from military in 2005 where I started my own company and I have been doing it full time since.

Is DIY a good idea for certain jobs?

Yes it can be ok for some but those that think that they are the jack of all trades will find out quickly that sometimes its better to call a pro. The DIYer will start a project and is not able to complete it and it becomes more of a problem and more costly if they just call the right person from the beginning.

How do you know you need a handyman?

When the project requires tools that the normal homeowner does not have laying around. Most homeowners that decide to take on a project has to first figure out what tools are require to complete the project and sometimes that in itself can become very costly. Another sign its time to make a call is if you cannot complete that project in a short period of time or may produce a new problem when started.

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My Products / Services
Handyman Services
We offer full kitchen and bath remodels
Flooring, ceramic, laminate and wood.
Exterior repairs and replacements
Add rooms to your house or modify the interior walls to re design your homes interior floorplan
Wall repairs and Painting and finishing
Minor plumbing repairs
Minor electrical repairs
Interior and exterior trim

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Business Owner's Profile
Paul Gilcrease
I am 50 years old. I have 2 boys. I retired from military after 20 years of service. I have been in the remodeling world since 2005. I have owned 12 houses for which I have either lived in or sold after remodel or rented. I know remodling.

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