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Integrity Sewer and Septic, Inc
United States - Everett
Integrity Sewer and Septic, Inc - If you are looking for a professional, reliable and honest company to install or repair all your sewer/septic needs, you have found us! We are passionate about what we do and will always finish the job to perfection in a reasonable time. We repair and install sewer and septic for residential and commercial, water line repair & installation, provide camera scoping, hydro jetting and inspection for newly purchased or sold homes.

What is the plumbers job description?

We are considered a master installer since we are only out door plumbers. We do it all install, locate breakage, repair, drainfield, water lines, drainage issues, camera scoping, hydro jetting, new development, home or business inspections for sale or purchase, and free estimates and bids.

What skills do you have?

Operating machinery, locating existing clog or breakage, new installation of septic, sewer and waterlines, grading and back filling, fare bids or estimates, punctuation, permits and asbuilts, site drawings, concrete removal, pipe laying, man hole installation, core taping for mainline, traffic control and in house flagging crew.

What should people know about the industry?

This is a very high demand industry. When a home owners septic fails there is no choice but to replace or fix the problem. If you do not fix it you face your home being condemned, flooded, and no facilities. If your home has sewer available near by the city can force you to hook into sewer regardless if you only wish to replace the septic problem. It is very important to maintain your sewer or septic lines and be aware of the out come if you fail to do so.

Do you belong to any plumbers association?

We are license, bonded, and insured in the state of Washington. We are license to do septic work in Snohomish County only and Sewer any where in Washington state. We have registered business licenses for all major cites within a 50 mile radius of Everett, WA.

What are your fees / prices?

Fees and prices are determined on if it is a septic system or sewer, is it a repair or replace/new installation, how many feet of pipe is being installed, is there obstacles in the way we will need to remove, if septic what kind of system is being installed and depth, if sewer is there an existing stub or will we need to go into the road, and many more factors depending on the home/business. We do offer FREE estimates and physically come to your property to determine the price.

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I have been working in the sewer and septic industry for 6 years. Our company is a family own company with 5 employees. We value the integrity of our work installing and repairing all phases of sewer and septic.

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