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Elreo Spit Braai
South Africa - Cape Town
Elreo Spit Braai is a catering business. We cater for 21st Birthdays, Bachelors parties, Church events, Birthdays, Weddings, Company events,etc. We cater for almost any sort of event. We are a enthusiastic, hard working, mind blowing catering company.We strive to offer excellent service as our food is pure South African. If you want pure South African food at your event,give us a call immediately. Food is our passion.

What food production systems do you stick to?

Our food production is done at our headquarters. We follow the recipes we received years ago,from our family.This is a family business. Before we add a new dish on our menu,we first test it.We think about how this dish would have a impact on our business. If we think this dish would have an big impact on the business, we would add it on our menu.

What processes do you follow?

We discuss on what recipes to use, if we think the recipe of the dish we want to add on our menu is excellent,the it will be added. We always keep our customers in consideration. All our food is prepared with love.

What is your business history?

We are a new born company, would like to put some years in the business history. The owner loves to prepare food, most of the times he helps in the kitchen. He will never sit and watch how the food is made. As a family business, it will not end. It will go forth into many years.

Has your business been seen in any local articles or news?

Yes indeed. It was/is seen on facebook pages. It is also available on Gumtree, small advertisers we give to the public. At churches also.

Do you have a few customer reviews for us?

Yess I have, how do you want to see the customer reviews?

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Food is my passion. I am a energetic person. Positive thinking is my motto. My business is my life, I live for my business. I started this business because I have a love for food, I like to meet new people as I am a entrepreneur.

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