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DOG TRAINING AT A DISCOUNT! - DOG TRAINING TIPS AND TRICKS AT A DISCOUNT! Dog trainers are costly. Unfortunately, not all dog owners have the ability to pay for those services. For me... I went through a traditional trainer for my first dog. That cost me over $600.00!

I realized most of the lessons were just plain common sense. I was able to utilize those lessons to train my second dog for all basic commands. However, I wanted to do more for less!

The system allows me to do so and enhances our bond!

What mistakes do people make with animals

Many dog owners fail to spend time with their little ones.

Have you studied any animal certifications?

No... However, I consistently work with my own dogs to increase daily stimulation and always provide the requited exercise.

What is your favourite pet?


How has your product / service been received?

This is a great learning tool and will assist in your efforts to bond with your canine companion!

How long have you been in business?

3 years of being owned by dogs!

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Hi all! I grew up with dogs and it was many years later that I felt my lifestyle again suited dog ownership. Its a commitment! I wanted to be sure that I had the time and desire to care for these wonderful creatures. For me... dog ownership means great food, daily walks, and ongoing training and play. The bond we share grows daily with continued training and love! Give your bank account a break. Give your dogs a little extra love. Enjoy the time you have together and get in some good work! Happy training! Jon

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