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DIY Bike Repair
United States - Huntsville
DIY Bike Repair - My name is Dave Delgado and Ive been riding and fixing bikes professionally for almost 20 years. Im also a professional frame builder and designer. I contribute regularly to various biking magazines and cycling publications.
The truth is, I often see new bicycle owners get confused and frazzled with their bikes. Whats more, many are unsure how to properly maintain and upkeep them, let alone repair their own bikes.
So heres what I realized: Wouldnt it be great if there is a complete jam-packed INTENSIVE course that teaches students the basics to advanced techniques of bike repair and maintenance...from home?
See, I have looked at just about every bike repair & maintenance material out there. I dont like any of them. Sadly, most courses available suffer from the following:

Instructions are too vague and lacking in detail

One-dimensional teaching that leaves more questions than answers

Most materials are out-dated and does not cover the latest designs

Skips over important parts and the diagrams are confusing and unclear

Disgused as expensive advertisements for tools and gimmicks.
And if youre just starting out, let me tell you I know how frustrating it is, because I personally had gone through the same experience years ago.
Well, luckily for you, these problems become a blessing in disguise. Over the past 5 years, through a long process of trial, error and experimentation, I have developed the most comprehensive ALL-IN-ONE course that teaches you EVERYTHING you ever need to know about bike repair and maintenance.
DIYBikRepair "Masterclass" system is very simple...

The entire program consists of over 200 videos, spanning 10 hours and 150 pages of manuals, systematically teaching you all repair procedures and maintenance tips on EVERY section of a bike. Its the most jam-packed and intensive bike repair course youll ever experience.
200 videos (10 hours) plus 150 pages of in-depth lessons
Step-by-step instruction program presented in an easy-to-follow format
Detailed specifications, exploded views and photographs
Suitable for BOTH beginners and seasoned dancers.
Learn to fix, upgrade and maintain any bike, from road, race and mountain bikes.
From the simplest repair procedure to the most complex...
Clearly see all procedures from multiple viewing angles, including up-close views.
"The Ultimate Masterclass"

Why should people choose you?

We are a one of a kind product on this market. you will not find another product that teaches you in such careful detail how to handle any and all bicycle repairs and or maintenance in the way that these tutorial videos will do. that fact alone is what makes us a truly unique and individual product.

How has your business grown over the last 3 Years?

We are actually a fairly new business, DIY Bike Repair has put a large amount of time and effort into building the best product we could before we finally released it to the public, so we are very excited to share all of our hard work and dedication with the general masses, and i truly hope you all enjoy your tutorial programs

Do you have advice about starting a business?

The best starting out advice i could give you would be to, just stay in it, dont lose faith, and remember, no one will ever succeed at your business idea unless you do it yourself. because at the end of the day, its the fact that its unique, that only you have thought of it, that makes it so valuable.

Who are you targeting?

Mostly active individuals, maybe parents looking to save on expensive bicycle replacement costs, cyclist groups, regular riders, individuals that could find a true useful purpose for this program are everywhere, they simply need to understand how much money this knowledge can save them in the long run.

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