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Child Care house cleaning Im your girl
United States - Lewisburg
Child Care house cleaning Im your girl - My name is Jessica Brooke rain I go by Brooke I am 30 years old. Can clean your house your truck your car your tractor the barn anything cleanable I will plan I also am available for child care I can tend to your animals I can do yard work pretty much anything you need done Im your girl my number is 9317976919

What job interview tips can you help with?

Well basically with house cleaning Im a very proper professional well-spoken lady

What qualifications would you recommend

Just the willingness to work hard mainly. The ability to sometimes clean things that arent just the most sanitary things in the world and to be absolutely kind to everyone you meet

What institution would help get these skills?

Honestly I learned everything that I learned through working with other ladies that were in business for themselves and right now I am so everyone that Im working with will all be starting this together

What extra qualifications would you recommend?

Definitely an upbeat personality. No one wants you to come into their home or anywhere to clean and you be mean rude unhappy. Ive been told so many times have the most bubbly person theyve ever met and it is brought before in life

When will the application process close?

Basically were starting this business together so anyone whos willing to work with me and start this thing from the ground up Im willing to take on the application process will close when me and the girls that I get recruited feel comfortable with our crew

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Im new to this whole thing Im trying to build a business from the ground up for women and men anyone who just wants to basically help people. I love cleaning I love babysitting I love taking care of animals I love making other people happy and feel like theyre worthy and theyre worth something. Im going through a better part of my life but recently Ive had the roughest patch of my life ever and now Im here 2 not only bring myself up but to try to bring other people up to try to help and make a living and make new friends and start a business even if its a you know little household business from the ground up with good people with good hearts that really care about people its hard to find these days people are so evil and I just want to build a cleaning business with people that are genuinely kind and happy and compassionate

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