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Catering - we do it for all occassions
South Africa - Johannesburg
Catering - we do it for all occassions - This is an up and coming, very friendly family business. We only cook delicious food and this is what sticks with all of our clients. We also make a diving Malva Pudding that is never left over! We are seriously reasonably priced - eg, for a plate of rice, beef or chicken stew with a combination of either two vegetables or salads or one of each we charge R35 per person. However this does not include drinks. We deliver the food on the specified time.

What are catering supplies, do you recommend any?

Chaffing dishes and polystyrene serving containers and glasses. Serviettes and spoons (both for serving and eating). Table cloths for serving station. I recommend the polystyrene containers because they are disposable and better to eat from compared to paper plates.

What do your catering services entail?

For an agreed price I do the grocery shopping, prepare the food either at my place or the clients venue. I provide chaffing dishes and table cloths for the serving station. I provide polystyrene serving containers, spoons and serviettes. We man the food and dish out for the guests. This is the economical service. At a higher price we rent out the crockery for the client. I always recommend the buffet style serving.

What is your business history?

We are new in the business having been catering for friends and family over the years. We started testing the field in 2015 and have done catering for weddings, a conference, church gatherings and a few funerals. We keep on catering for friends and family to stay in practice.

Do you cater for weddings / parties / corporates at all?

Yes we cater for all sorts of events where food is required. We include funerals that need preparations in short notice (as long we have confirmation by way of a deposit at least 48 hours in advance). Recently we prepared everything in less than 24 hours..

What is your history in the industry?

As a small family business we are quite adaptable to meet the clients requirements. We have repeat clients or referrals by word of mouth. We do not have a long history in the business but have made a great impression on the few people we have catered for.

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