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Black Falcon Software, Inc.
United States - Mineola
Black Falcon Software, Inc. - Black Falcon Software is a small software company that provides ADO.NET data access layers for the SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite, and Firebird database engines.

Also available is a freeware SQL Server Source Control tool that allows SQL Server developers to version control their database scripts in local repositories.

Black Falcon Software also provides a host of technical article for the Microsoft. NET developer Community that cover everything from technical tips to game development.

What inspired your Online Business?

Originally I had wanted to sell commercial software for very reasonable cost along with making available certain projects as freely available, Open Source solutions. However, with the inability to sell to the development community, I have recently made my commercial product Freeware.

However, this has not stopped me from pursuing the commercial potential of selling software over the Internet. My current project in development can be used by anyone, technician or lay-person as it allows for the storage of documents in a centralized database based upon user categorization. The first version of this project will be Freeware, while a commercial version will be offered as well. It is also expected that this product will also be developed into a web-based application for small and medium sized businesses who want to be able to store documents without the high cost of such tools as Microsofts SharePoint software.

How many visitors do you get daily?

I get on average between 125 to 300 visitors per month...

Did you attend any Online Business schools or courses?


What are your long term goals for this site?

To eventually see some income from my software endeavors...

What is your most popular product / service?

ADO.NET data access layers

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My Products / Services
SQL Server Source Control for Developers
"SQL Server Source Control for Developers" is a tool that allows developers working with SQL Server to store and version control all of their SQL Server database scripts into local repositories.

The product supports both local and remote default and named instances of SQL Server.

The product currently supports all SQL Server versions up to SQL Server 2016.

Product Features
Business Owner's Profile
Steve Naidamast
I am a senior software engineer, now retired after 42+ years in the corporate software development profession. Since my retirement I continue to develop professional quality software as well as continue my deep interest in military history.

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