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United States - North Carolina/ Hickory - Hi I am the owner of my business has just opened recently sale used book-Jewelry-Gold and Silver Jagged Fox has over 5,000 items to come this is a new website that is here to stay we will grow day by day thank you so much for your time

Can you recommend any other books to our website?

Hi y name is Adam Moser I can recommend The Strain it is my all time favorite not only book but T.V. Series very popular very good series

Who is your all time favourite author?

I am a original Stephen King Favorite author I also have many more Greg Lies The Devils Punchbowl was a personal favorite and Joseph Finder Paranoia was a big thriller in my favorite Novels

What is the last book you read? And whats is about?

Business By The Book The Complete Guide of Biblical Principles for the Workplace I am really interested in growing my business the help of God should show to help me grow my business and train my employees

Can you tell us about your favourite best selling books?

My best selling Used Books are all Stephen King Books I also sales a good number of Kim Harrison and Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins Books please come visit many more of these authors books for sale

Describe your books goal?

My goal is to have all of my books posted on my website being over 5,000 now not total on website but total in stock but hopefully hundreds of thousands to millions of Used and New Books- New Jewelry- Gold Bars and coins Silver Bars and Coins to come Thank you for your time sincerely, Jagged Fox LLC

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My Products / Services
Used books- Jewelry
vI sale Many Used Books, Jewelry Gold and Silver Please come view any of our products we have many to come in each selection the Jagged Fox LLC corporation just opened on 8-16-17 and has thousands of products that are still to come we value each and every customer we also ask that if their is anything the customer is looking for to send us a quick e-mail and we will search for the cheapest possible price...

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Jagged Fox LLC
Hi my name is Adam i sell many different products Used Books, Jewelry, Gold and Silver are the main products that my website has to offer I also have a online yard sale this portion of my website is to help people buy off of others is a little different than e-bay or amazon you simply just e-mail me a picture and a description of what you are wanting to sell if it sells I will contact you and send you a lable to ship the item via U.S.P.S simple you just have to make sure to follow up with the e-mails and the data I will need to sell your product and of course send your product after the product is sent and the customer has the item I will send you 75% of the profit

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