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chelle maes baby lab
South Africa - durban
chelle maes baby lab - chelle maes baby lab does all things baby and toddler. from nursery linen to clothing! find us on
facebook- chelle maes baby lab
instagram chelle_maes_baby_lab
we also put together baby shower hampers! you can find us at local markets as well, so keep an eye on our facebook page to see where we will be next.

What are popular baby names at the moment?

grayson connor cayman cale luca sabrina demi rocco matt joshua james wesley dillon
mason blaine ricardo melisa ciarra nicole billy jason kaylee amy blake carter riley

just some to name a few. again it is up to the mom and personal choice.

Can you recomment any baby shower games?

my water broke, but a small baby in an ice tray, freeze it. but it in drinks and the first baby to melt in the persons drink is the winner.
also you cant say the word, baby, cute, mom, dad etc. if they do you get to take a peg or item that they have from them. person with the most pegs wins

What mistakes do mothers make with their children?

every mom knows exactly what their oen child needs, how they react to certain situations etc. mothers tend to want to use everyone elses advice far too quickly when really they already know how to sort out the problem. moms need to be more confident in themselves

What baby books do you recommend for new moms?

any baby book that you can get your hands on is a good one. ask your local book store what is their best seller and go from there. again its up to you and your babys needs, no one can tell you what you should or shouldnt be reading. my personal favourite is a magazine called your pregnancy as it keeps up with the times

What baby shower ideas do you suggest?

include the dad, they also made the baby! have a nappy party. ask for more essentials than clothes and blankets. homemade gifts and unique gifts are always a winner as well because everyone buys store bought items. dont buy the mom a bottle you favoured as again that is personal preference, find out what she wouls prefer

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My Products / Services
nursery linen
we put together beautiful nursery sets. you let us know what theme you are going for and we will do our very best to find exactly what you are looking for.

we do duvet covers, bumpers, mosquito nets, pillows, cushions, basket liners, curtains etc.

we are also able to provide the inners for these items listed above. if there is another item you would like you just let us know and we will make it!

Product Features
baby shower hamoers
we put together hampers according to your budget (starting from R300) these can include toiletries along with various items from our stock. we can custom make the items as well and cater for any gender as well as neutral.


Product Features
Business Owner's Profile
michelle and lauren are co owners of this fabuous baby/toddler site. we love everything baby and only want the best for you and your little miracle. michelle is a qualified doula and knows what is best for baby and mom!

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