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carpentry specialist call 0736400066
South Africa - brynston
carpentry specialist call 0736400066 - For best carpenty and general construction call us
For roof installation & roof repairs
Door hanging and locks all types
Ceilings& drywall partitions
Decking, skirting and cornices
Fitted kitchen units& wall mount wardropes.
Granite installations & general handmanwork

What skills do you need to become a Carpenter?

You should know how to develop roofs and install any type of roof
- hang doors and locks all types of door
-Able to install ceilings, drywall partitions
- shd be able to construct kitchen units and generating a cutting.
- decking and skirtings
All sorts of wood works and furniture

Are your rates fair? And how do you operate for clients?

My rate are fair and reasonable.
I do fix and supply work for my clients
Also provide labour service where a client purchases his/her own material
We charge per square meter/ leniar meter/ or per item eg door hangs.
We request deposit upfront for other works

What should people know when it comes to home contruction work?

They should be familiar with the type of job that needs to be undertaken at their houses .
The should be keen to get understand how contractor work.
They must do a background checks about the contractors and find out if they are legit.
Get a consultant to help you with the construction planning and management

Give a decent carpenter job description?

He is a skilled artisan in carpentry and joinery who has the knowledge and ability to do the following:-
He should be able to hang doors and put locks, all types of doors
Should be able to install roofs, ceilings, drywall, decking, skirtings, flooring and cabinet makings

Name any carpenter unions you belong to?


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whatmore carpenter
The best alrounder capenter who can work perfectly on any for of carpentry work. Why not try me, call me on 0736400066 for a qoute.
Im very comfortable to negotiate with you.

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