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Weight Loss Programs
South Africa - Port Elizabeth
Weight Loss Programs - Are you tired of being sick and tired ?
Do you need to lose weight ?
I run weight loss challenges in Port Elizabeth and also Corporate / Business challenges at your Company for your convenience
Get into the best shape of your life
Start your own business by helping others lose weight
Dont delay !!!!

Do you have Weight Loss Tips for us?

Good nutrition
Plenty of water
Moderate exercise
Do a weight loss challenge with a group of people helps keep you motivated
Working closely with a Personal Coach to help you is more motivating and keeps you going
This is a change of lifestyle and not diet

What is your favourite weight loss program?

Herbalife weight loss challenges
Working in a group of people
Getting the support you need to stay on program and keep you focused
The education on nutrition to help you maintain your weight after your are done on the program
Making friends along the way

Do you have any certifications, is so what?

Full training on the Herbalife weight loss program and how to help others
Regular monthly meetings
Also trained to help you create a business out of this so you can become successful too and help others lose weight
Join the business and become financially free

Has this product been in any news articles?

All over the World, yes
Latest one was in the Daily News
Chosen for the best Nutritional Company for many years in a row now
If you do this as a business you have a license to trade in 36 Countries Worldwide
I would recommend this Company to anyone who wants to work for themselves

Do you have any customer reviews?

Yes I do
Customers thank you on a daily basis for changing their lives, some even being suicidal before they met you - it is such a rewarding business to be in
The amount of recognition you get from the Company is also out of this World, not even to mention the rewards of bonuses and holidays

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Business Owner's Profile
I am a Wellness coach for Herbalife and ready t change your life, whether you are looking for lose weight, gain weight, fitness person, needing skin products or looking for a work from home job opportunity

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