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WARMHOUSE Furniture and decor
South Africa - MODIMOLLE
WARMHOUSE Furniture and decor - WARMHOUSE furniture and decor. house of fine and decorative mirrors, and exciting furniture, we are not your local furniture shop, but a boutique which can if we are asked to manufacture furniture for you as you would want it to be in your house, filing that small space in your home, a well designed space and enjoyable area of stay

What furniture deals do you currently have?

We have an exciting range of pine manufactured chairs and chest of drawers, pure wool loose carpets, exciting range of headboards, lighting, and mirrors. we are well known for our mirror range across the country, and have made our name in this decor range.

What is fashionable at the moment?

the latest trend in the market, as we are noticing that the market is shifting back to retro, and even to leather based products, depending on the area we are currently experiencing a volatile market in area of designed extravagant genuine leather products

Any advice about home decoration for people?

Its never to late to change, even if its starts with your home, happiness starts with a home having the the personality of the one who is living in it, its important when couples get married to sit down and discuss their decorating ideas and share their ideas in one, home is where your hart is

What is the condition of this item?

items for sale are items that have been designed in factories, these products are then placed on our floors as samples and should customers decide to purchase them, we would provide them with a good price, we could also alter the color and reproduce it to the customers needs.

Is there any history behind this piece?

All items designed and manufactured have some personality of the owner in it, as it is made on specification of our customers, all our furniture will build there own history in years to come, from maybe one home to another in the life of our customers, an exciting prospect to look forward to.

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