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Ultimate Polygraph Solution
South Africa - Benoni
Ultimate Polygraph Solution - Who Do YOU Trust

Polygraph examinations have been in use for over 80 years to assist you with getting answers for questions about your staff, spouse and business.

Need to find the truth or clear your name, we can help.
Need the right applicant for the job?
Need to identify the guilty person regarding an incident?

Give us a call we can help.

We do pre-employment polygraph screenings, specific incident polygraph screenings, multiple incident polygraph screenings, general periodic polygraph screenings, dual conduct polygraph screenings and infidelity polygraph screenings.

Why should people choose you?

Polygraph Examinations gives you the opportunity to find the truth about almost anything you are concerned about. Since founded in 2008 we at Ultimate Polygraph Solutions have resolved numerous incidents for all our clients, the same type of incidents that you are struggling with.

How has your business grown over the last 3 Years?

Over the last 3 years we have shown a growth of more than 50% in new clients. As any business it is difficult to grow without the support of the clients on hand. Clients on-hand are the reason why any business grow and expand as our service to them allows them to speak highly about our service to others.

Do you have advice about starting a business?

Do your research well before you take the final step and ensure you have looked at all possibilities. Once you have taken the step to start you need to keep to what you have set out to do, failure in achieving your goals means you did not work hard enough and you cannot redo it. Get it right the first time.

Who are you targeting?

Corporate, companies, small businesses, individuals, house holds, basically anyone that have suffer a loss due to thefts, fraud, misconduct. Basically anyone that are after the truth of a situation where the other persons word can not be trusted or needs to be confirmed.

Do you have any customer reviews?

Yes, several of our customers have given us written reviews. A review is what a customer experience from the service that was delivered to them and the after sales service. Do that well and any business will get good reviews. Do it bad and you have only yourself to blame.

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My Products / Services
Specific Issue Polygraph Examinations
Specific Issue (Incident) Polygraph Examinations are normally utilized for an investigation into a specific incident or crime. This type of examination is aimed at identifying the person that are deceptive and clearing the person that are innocent regarding the specific incident under investigation.

Product Features
General Screening Polygraph Examinations
General Screening Polygraph Examinations are normally utilized by anyone for any type of investigation where a period of time needs to be investigated regarding incidents or crimes. This type of examination is aimed at identifying the deceptive person and clearing the innocent person in the investigation.

Product Features
Pre-Employment Screening Polygraph Examinations
Pre-Appointment / Employment Screening Polygraph Examinations can be utilized to determine if a new applicant or a current employee are suitable for the available position he or she have applied for within the company.
Any potential new employee do have the risk of being dishonest in their application. A polygraph examination can verify his or her previous work experience, misconduct and education.

Product Features
Business Owner's Profile
Polygraph Solution
Ultimate Polygraph Solution is in essence a polygraph examination company established in 2008.

We can provide you (our client) with the most comprehensive and professional polygraph service in the country.

Ultimate Polygraph Solution can provide you with the services of internationally trained polygraph examiners.

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