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Transforming river properties with paving.
South Africa - Gauteng
Transforming river properties with paving. - With innovative style and technique we can transform your property into stylish and rustic surroundings exuding quiet taste and dignity. We specialise in river properties where wonderfully romantic pathways are paved and quiet hiding places breathe exciting messages. Our services are competitive, and although not the cheapest....we are the safest.

Why should people choose you?

People should simply choose me for the quality work I deliver. It can be seen on my website. I personally supervise my teams and as a retired educator I have high moral standards and integrity. The commercial atmosphere of today reeks of an attitude where people are only interested to see what they can get out of everyone. I rather endeavor to give and assure client satisfaction.

How has your business grown over the last 3 Years?

Our teams have been extremely active on a river estate. They have been doing the paving which can be seen on the photos on my website. I have just recently decided to start a separate paving business away from the estate activities where we specialise in paving only.

Do you have advice about starting a business?

SIncerity of motive is number one. Naturally most people start a business to make money for themselves. Basically there is nothing wrong with such a motive. Yet doing something for other people is a noble motive which brings everything on a higher plane. A business with the primary motive of benefitting others will be blessed by God himself.

Who are you targeting?

As can be seen on my website we target the very rich, simply because they have more money and are willing to pay for what they want. Our current estate where we are building houses are extremely successful and our building program is already full for 2016. This project is primarily driven by motives which excludes selfseeking.

Do you have any customer reviews?

No. I have just started specialising in paving and hope to have a lot of reviews soon. All paving up to now was done as part of the building projects on the estate and was never the main focus. As from now I will have teams working on other properties to do only paving.

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Frik Harmse
I am are a retired teacher who decided to create work opportunities for myself and my fellow men.The income will be used for Christians to visit our International Conference Centre.

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