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The Masters Hands
United States - Joplin, MO
The Masters Hands - The Masters Hands is a Christian based company that offers a wide amount of services throughout Southwest Missouri and neighboring states. Attached is is our overview of how we originated and got to this point in our lives along with services on the second page. Please email us back if you would like a quote on you upcoming project or remodel.


Any adivce about selecting a good Handyman?

1. Ask for referrals and numbers that you can contact.
2. Never give any money of front for the job being done, if the contractor ask for half up front to buy materials, supplies, etc. you might have them go to the store and check out at customer service where you can pay for this over the phone to a store employee or just avoid paying at all.
3. If it is possible ask for photos of past jobs or look at there website for completed jobs.

What tools and skills do you have?

Wide selection of wood working tools and just about anything you would need to do other trades.
Skills: From growing up on a large ranch we were taught very early how to build and fix our own equipment, this was followed later in life to building nursing homes, erecting 300 wind turbines. The attached pages will give a good overview for you.

Did you study or have you become self-tought?

All that i have learned as been self taught, growing up as i did on a ranch we repaired and built what was needed. After high school/college i went into building nursing homes and then building and erecting wind turbines throughout the US. This led into Project Management and running South/North Carolina for a well known company.

Is DIY a good idea for certain jobs?

Absolutely, there are so many projects around the house that just about anyone could do just by looking it up on you tube or other websites. My wife is always finding certain ideas out there that she tries and it has always turned out very well for her.

How do you know you need a handyman?

This is up to the home owner, generally when working with power tools and building specific items get to complicated or there would be a safety concern involved like electric, climbing, support walls or just working with high speed equipment it may the best thing to get professional help.

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Please read the two attached documents, i hope that this will give you a understanding to how The Masters Hands was originated and some insight into our family.

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