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The First Ever Social Sales Network is Here!
United Kingdom - London
The First Ever Social Sales Network is Here! - The first ever Social Sales Network is here, Shareziez can offer it all from Socially talking to your friends, family, etc. to selling and buying, and all for an exceptional price of £1 to list!! However, we are doing a promotion where you pay nothing for a limited time! and to top it all off you pay NO hidden fees, all you pay is the PayPal which we cant control.

What inspired your internet business idea?

We wanted to give people something new and original we are truthful with shareziez there are no hidden fees or last minute charges. What we say is what you get! We have a great variety of platforms for people to enjoy. We have the first ever video auction for people to video their items.

How much traffic do you get to your site daily?

We have 2500 traffic currently going to Shareziez We have a Twitter Page, Facebook Page, Google+. You can find us on many search engines or just simply type in
We aim to have more as we believe Shareziez is what people want, they are unhappy with being knocked with hidden fees and charges.

What is your primary product or online service?

We have a variety of items not one type Shareziez is a website for most products. However, we have Policies, Terms of Serice Agreements and Conditions in place to make sure that our members are safe and secure and also we have a prohibited list of items.

What tech news gets you excited lately?, as we know this is the network/website that people crave!, We have made it purely as we were fed up with trying to sell items and being hit with unreasonable charges and hidden fees, and thats how Shareziez was born. Shareziez is all about Sharing and honesty.

What is your target market?

Shareziez is diverse, so the targeted market is everyone the only exception we have is we dont allow under 13s. People want a real alternative to Ebay and thats what we offer. We invite anyone whether you own a Business, Job lot or just want to sell a bike Shareziez is the place to sell.
We do have a separate Business page where we offer Business owners a Business Package.

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The first ever Social Sales Network has finally LAUNCHED!!!!. What are you waiting for??? Sign up and enjoy the benefits of Buying, Selling & Socialising without any hidden fees or charges.
This is the way of the future!!!!!
Shareziez is the way to go.

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