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Supporting Entrepreneurs/Startups
India - Lucknow Uttar Pradesh
Supporting Entrepreneurs/Startups - An unique platform who feature Entrepreneurs/ Startups and believe in hand holding them. We help you in positioning your product, promoting your brand and doing one to one mentoring so that you are sustainable in your ventures. WE also help you in reliving the passion, Confidence and persistence all the time.

What are your skills and expertise?

Having worked for 18 years in Sales, Strategy and Customer Operations domains these skills play a major role in hand holding an Entrepreneur or a Startup. For a Startup these three major areas need a major focus which I can easily handle since experienced this for 18 years.

Did you study, or have you become self-tought?

I studied management before joining The Times Of India my first company. But the experience which i had in my three organisations really helped me a lot and also being in Entrepreneurship for the last 9 years have given me a major help in helping Entrepreneurs and Startups.

Do you have any advice for people regarding Consultants?

Yes, they should approach the right Consultants. They should first know about the Consultant through reference or by linked in and then approach the Consultants. It is very imperative to check the Credentials of a Consultant too.

How long have you been involved in your industry?

In Entrepreneurship 9 Years but my Corporate experience of 18 years if its added then to total 27 years experience

What skills are currently in demand in your field?

Since I work with Entrepreneurs and Startups their main concern areas are:

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Business Owner's Profile
Aparna Mishra
A Mother, passionate about Entrepreneurship, Mentor with Various Institutions and with Individual Startups / Entrepreneurs, great Interpersonal and Networking skills, Member of various Associations, a great Team leader and a Confident person. Loving my Entrepreneurship journey.
Created a platform for startups / entrepreneurs which is called ‘Club CafeBiz’. It is a virtual platform wherein all startups from varied fields come and interact. CafeBiz, is a one stop place for startups and Entrepreneurs where we Nurture them.

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