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Stornsjas Room in a box llc
United States - Atlanta
Stornsjas Room in a box llc - Complete room in a box: This Audrey room in a box comes with everything that you would need to complete any bedroom.It includes1bed the bag, 1 sheet set, 2 lamps, 1 throw rug,3vases,1 pair of curtains, wall art, 1picture and throw pillows. We have a great selection check out our website for more great items. call us at 813-509-8211 when you visit the site dont forget to take advantage of our coupons. Theres even one for $100.00 off .this is for a limited time only. Just Click Pick & Ship its that simple

What is your best selling product?

Our Signature Room in the boxes

Do you offer any kinds of guarantees?

Yes 30 day Money Back

How did you actually start this business?

Our Story
Stornsjas Room in a Box was established in 2003. We started out as a small store in a local flea market. Since then, we have evolved into a flourishing e-Commerce store. We also have a brick-and-mortar location planned, so stay tuned!

We Take the Guess Work Out of Decorating.
Stornsjas Room in a Box offers a simple yet ingenious interior design solution: pre arranged rooms. We begin by conceptualizing the theme of your living space. Our team then hand picks d├ęcor to match it. Once youve made your choice, we pack your order and ship your room-in-a-box directly to you.
Decorating Should Be an Adventure, Not a Chore
We understand that decorating can be challenging and time-consuming. At Stornsjas Room in a Box, our store model is refreshingly straightforward: you click, pick, and ship. Its that easy.

With your needs in mind, weve set out to create a unique one-stop shopping experience. No need to hop from one store to another to pick out individual pieces and hope that they match. All the items in each box we offer not only complement each other: they also match the theme, size, and style of your space. We offer boxes for nearly all types of rooms, from the dining area to the family room.

Who is your target market?

Anyone wanting to decorate or redecorate any room in there home

How have customers responded to your products?

Very Positive the feedback has been great

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