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Sorrento Technologies innovative LED signs
United States - Rancho Cucamonga
Sorrento Technologies innovative LED signs - Gas stations operators who want to stand out from the crowd have chosen Sorrento Tech electronic LED gas price changers to improve their stations appearance and ality.

Sorrento Techs signs are:
*Better Looking
*Beautifully Crafted
*Easy to Install
*Easy to Service

Some benefits of Sorrento Techs LED gas price displays:
*Superior readability in any light condition
*Super light panel construction
*Durable design suitable for extreme weather use
*Windowless panel design for increased visibility
*Plug-and-play design for simple and quick installation
*Distributed Control Architecture for easy management
*Fully encapsulated electronics for longer service life
*POS integration (Gilbarco Passport, etc.)
*Long range handheld remote control
*Very low power use

Our patented Distributed Controller Architecture means no bulky controller required digits are individually controlled and powered with miniaturized electronics embedded in each digit.
*No digit size limitation - larger than 100" is possible
*No signal cables required - easy to install
*Any combination (size and quantity) is possible and simple to implement

Our unibody aluminum panels are best-in-class
*Structurally strong and extremely light
*Perfect for retrofitting
*No front window required - no issues with glare or condensation
*Panels are very thin (0.50) and can be simply attached to the cabinets outside face

Contact Jim Webb for additional information
Sorrento Technologies

What tools are used in the lighting trade?

In our business we use military grade silicone to protect our digits from harsh weather. Most of our competition use a micro-thin conformal coating, which is great for your iPhone, but would not stand up to the harsh weather of places like Alaska or Florida.

Did you study any courses, what were they?

Our promise to you:

Unlike our competition, Sorrento Technologies focuses entirely on LED price signs.

We are constantly looking to the future to change and adapt our signs.

Our mission is to bring to market only the best in class and most economical LED gas price changers available.

Any trade secrets people need to know about?

Our signs are designed to be mounted externally on your sign face, no need to do any extensive retrofitting. Since we do not use an acrylic face, you get the full force of the LED. This creates the brightest Gas Price Sign on the market today. Call us to learn more.

What trends have you seen lately?

We have patented a Distributed Controller Architecture (tm). Most signs have bulky control boxes that power and send signals to your signage with dozens of wires. We have eliminated the need for a control box and miniaturized all the electronic components and mounted them directly into each digit.

Any advice about environmentally friendly lights?

Replacing your plastic price signs with LED price changers will not reduce your carbon footprint. But what you will do is save money in the long run. No longer will your employees have to stand outside changing prices one number at a time... now they can do it in a matter of seconds from the safety of the C-store.

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My Products / Services
LED Gas Price Sign

Digit sizes range from 6" to 78", larger sizes available upon request
LED colors include red, green, blue, and white
All electronics are fully potted in silicone for superior weatherproofing
Aluminum unibody shells provide structural strength and frontal protection
Patented distributed controller architecture allows for cable-less design
Every digit is individually controlled and powered with miniaturized electronics embedded in each digit

Product Features
Business Owner's Profile
Jim Webb
Jim has over 6 years of experience in the LED price changer world. If you have any questions, or help deciding what would make your C-store pop ... give Jim a call 888-511-1557

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