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Simply Birding
Australia - Brisbane
Simply Birding - Simply Birding is a web based business offering a free bulletin board for bird watchers to discuss anything about birding. Discussions on the site range from identification of particular species through to discussions on equipment used by birders.
In addition we also offer a products section where we showcase products used by bird watching enthusiasts.

What is your business goal?

We strive to encourage the hobby of bird watching throughout the world by getting birders to interact with each other through our forum and discuss all topics related to bird watching. With more birders out there this will also result in more people being aware of the need to conserve areas of natural habitat for birds and other animals. You will also find other sections on the website including our birding gear section which lists birding related field guides and smart phone apps that we have been involved in and we also showcase other birding related products that birders need and use out in the field.

What is your business history?

Simply Birding has been in business for over 10 years. The business started on the idea of sharing birding hotspots with other bird watchers. Initially we where called sahotsposts focusing on bird watchers located in South Africa but changed our name and brand to be more global.

Any tips about your industry for our users?

There is an absolute wealth of information on Simply Birding both in the discussions in the forum section and found throughout the website. A new section we are introducing to the site soon will be a venue lookup with searchable ality being available for birders.

What are your long term goals?

We are always striving on giving the best service to birders first and foremost. With this objective in mind we want to provide information on birds, where to find them, how to get there and what gear to use when you are out birding. Bird watching is a hobby the demands the best information available and we plan to give that at all times.

What is your most popular product / service?

We would definitely rate our forum at the top of our most used resource, followed closely by our birding gear section. However our bird photos are also very popular with visitors to Simply Birding. From our Birding Gear section our books and apps rate very highly with birders with our books Southern African LBJs Made Simple and Southern African Mammals Made Simple being extremely popular purchases.

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My Products / Services
Southern African Mammals Made Simple
Mammal Identification is taken to a new level with Southern African Mammals Made Simple (ISBN: 9781920572389). Utilizing the process used in designing large databases and the complex relationships between data we used the same techniques to yze the identification features of mammals from the Southern African region and applied them for this book.
Each species is derived at by following the identification model and matching specific ID features.

Product Features
Southern African LBJs Made Simple
Southern African LBJs Made Simple (ISBN: 9781770077997) was published by Penguin Random House through their Struik Nature Impression in June of 2011.

The books covers the identification of LBJs (Little Brown Jobs) in the Southern African region using a unique identification model developed over the course of 5 years utilizing methods used for intricate database design in large IT projects.

Product Features
Business Owner's Profile
Gordon King
I am one of owners of Simply Birding and the co-author of the books, Southern African LBJs Made Simple, Southern African Mammals Made Simple and Sounds of the African Bush.

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