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South Africa - SOWETO
SUGARPLUM TREATS/ BAKERY - We are a young, fun and innovative and creative baking company, our logo is if you can think it, we can do it, because we are that good, our products are affordable and are quality always fresh and delicious. We provide friendly and professional customer service to ensure you feel comfortable and welcome.

What food production systems do you stick to?

Our systems are simple,from mixing by hand to machines, measuring, baking, decorating, and keeping good hygiene processes is of vital importance! We also plan ahead of time so we ensure our products are fresh and delicious. We also plan ahead of time too.

What processes do you follow?

The process we follow is simple and is old school we add new techniques here and there to add a little diversification, but i believe you can never go wrong with basics, we also believe in freshness, so our process ensures that that is exactly what we achieve.

What is your business history?

It all started in my moms kitchen i was always intrigued and interested in all that she baked, then it went on to reading baking books, then since i was always in the house, i started attempting the recipes as soon as i was allowed to cook. I then opened up the business prior to my graduation year in 2015.

Has your business been seen in any local articles or news?

Since it is a new business no it has not, only in a local magazine in Boksburg called township gal, it was just a one page feature on the owner and the business itself. We will be doing more features,we are just looking for more local mags in our surrounding areas.

Do you have a few customer reviews for us?

Yes, you can check customer reviews at our feedback page on our website. We also provide feedback on our Facebook page, twitter and Instagram. you can check us out there and also give us some feedback as well after looking at our website and products we offer.

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My Products / Services
Baked Treats cakes, cupcakes
Our products are baked treats that you would find in a bakery we make all sorts of novelty Cakes, Simple Cakes, Naked cakes and more, we also make novelty and simple cupcakes, we also make your muffins, scones, cheesecakes, brownies and also personal requests from customers.

We can make any flavors the customers request, just go wild with your imagination.

Product Features
Business Owner's Profile
Miss Tshidi
I am a 26 year old young lady, an entrepreneur at heart who loves baking and has a passion for food, also a recent accounting graduate who will leave you as a satisfied customer.

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