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Rucker Wash
United States - South Bend,
Rucker Wash - A pressure washer, also called a power washer, is a machine that utilizes high-pressure water spray to get rid of molds, loose paint, dust, grime, chewing gum, mud, and dirt from off surfaces and other objects e.g. buildings, concrete, and vehicles. They generate pressure from around 750 pounds per square inch to 30,000 pounds per square inch or more. As of the year 2017, the Generac 7019 OneWash is probably the best electric power washer for home use.

What cleaning services do you offer?

Pressure Washing Services

Do you have any cleaning tips for our users?

The information below is designed to help you make an informed decision and maximize your washers cleaning ability.

What products and items do you clean with?

commercial pressure washing, residential pressure washing and roof pressure washing

What tips do you have about carpet cleaning?

We dont have carpet cleaning service.

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We Have Wealth of Business and Work Experience.
We Have A Excellent Track Record

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Pressure Washer psi Chart
It is basically a table that indicates how certain pressure readings may be converted from the bar (kilopascals) to pounds per square inch (psi) and vice versa. It also suggests the safest pressure for washing various surfaces such as cars (pressure washer psi for cars), glass, and concrete e.t.c. It is important because different substances have varying degrees of hardness and may thus accommodate different amount of force or pressure.

How does a pressure washer work?
Detergent is pumped into the system through one hose. Cold water is also pumped into the same system via another hose pipe. The electric engine is then triggered by way of pulling the nozzle. This draws in both the detergents and the water and by so doing, mixes them. The mixture may also be heated (from 50 70°C to 125 155°F)) if need be. The pump then releases the mixture through the high pressure and reinforced exit hose. The pressure of the mixture is further intensified by the narrow nozzle and is subsequently used to get rid of the aforementioned unwanted materials such as dirt.

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