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Robs Baits
Canada - Richmond, British Columbia
Robs Baits - At Robs Baits we supply and distribute consistent, high quality bait products to many local retailers and distributors located in Canada and USA. Whether you are from the west coast, east coast or somewhere in between we will try to help you the best we can. We offer premium baits at competitive prices. Eg.. Lamprey oIl, lamprey eels, salmon roe, sturgeon baits, salmon baits, trout baits, bass baits, pike minnow baits, etc... If you need consistent, top quality products then Robs Baits is your place!

- We ship to both Canadian and United States customers.

We are located at.. 11831 Machrina Way in Richmond, BC Canada - 30 minutes north of the Peace Arch border crossing in Blaine, WA.

Phone us anytime: 1-604-274-6600 or Email:

Can you give any good tips for aspiring fisherman

Fishing is fun for all ages, lets conserve and protect our resources for future generations. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran at Robs Baits we will try our best to answer your questions the best we can. Anyone can learn to fish and enjoy the resource, its that easy!

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My Products / Services
Salmon Roe - Cured
This is the unltimate cured salmon roe. It took years of testing but we have developed our own process which is unmatched. Our cured roe is available for shipping to any destination in North America or the UK. Contained on a 1 lb tray in a low pressure vacuum sealed package to prevent any leakage during shipping.

We offer 2 styles of cured roe..

Premium Cured - We use a vibrant, redish, pink coloring with added scent boost.

Salt Cured - This is the most natural cured roe (no dyes) that you will ever find. Using our newly developed process, this product will out produce any other cured roe.

At Robs Baits we strive for consistent high quality and customer satisfaction.

Product Features
Lamprey Oil
Lamprey oil is something new that we have introduced. This is our own blend and it really works!

Use by adding to other baits, either inject or soak your baits in the oil. Fishing with lamprey eels? Cut your eels into chunks, contain them in a jar or bag and drizzle the lamprey oil over top. Lets stand 20 to 30 minutes (allow to absorb) and thats it. The catch results using our lamprey oil will leave you amazed!

If your fishing sturgeon or pike minnnows and your not using this product - You are missing out big time!!

Product Features
Business Owner's Profile
Fishing is an awesome sport for all ages and I love the people I meet and deal with all across North America. We sell high quality bait products to fishermen of all types.

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