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Residential Electrical Troubleshooter
United States - 49065
Residential Electrical Troubleshooter - Residential electrical troubleshooting done on original wiring that was installed by others that leave substandard work that results in faults and power outages takes a quality craftsman to correctly determine what is wrong and how to safely repair the issue or issues. By a retired master electrician

Can any Electrician do the job? How can you be sure?

Knowing what line, load switch leg, home run, neutral and ground are the basics for residential wiring troubleshooting. With over 43 years experience offering quality craftsmanship and services.Usually for the average home owner they have no clue what these items are

Does your job involve various skills? Can you name a few?

Residential, commercial and industrial experience along with grid tied and off grid electrical power options consulting clients online and onsite. The D B Electric difference is honesty, integrity and reliability from the start with new and existing clients

What should we know about the industry?

Solar and wind is the game changer for residential electrical power combined together they become a micro grid of AC electrical power that is an investment that pays for itself with Net Zero and Net Metering monthly utility billing. Free electrical power is an investment that pays for itself

What safety tips do you have for someone doing DIY electrical work?

Never work on live energise electrical power it can do great harm or kill you. For the average homeowner a simple noncontact electrical tester will emit a tone if live electrical power is energised. Turn off the required circuit breaker before attempting any electrical repairs

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Hourly Labor Rate
Estimates bids and the client. Most electricians do not charge for Quotes even though each one takes time and money to complete. D B Electric has a one hour minimum for Onsite electrical meetings and we inform each new client that mileage and the 1 hour minimum will be billed and Invoiced by email for payment prior to arrival for this service. During this meeting all photos, name brand of original items, and all related information is gathered for a Punch List Report Option Form of whats wrong and how to fix it. If an itemized Materials List Report Form is requested we can figure to the penny what the cost will be. Crunching all these numbers allows a true cost for a Quote to be written with no hidden fees. By hiring a quality craftsmen low ball Quotes to get a foot into a clients door is not the way that we do business. Honesty, integrity and reliability are standards that D B Electric offers to every client.

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D B Electric, owner
I do not take short cuts or perform substandard work. Quality is job one always giving clients safety, reliable and efficient electrical repairs at a fair and reasonable rate

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