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Reliable Appliance Repair Service of Orlando
United States - Orlando Florida
Reliable Appliance Repair Service of Orlando - Reliable Appliance Repair of Orlando Florida offers low cost high quality appliance repairs and services to keep your washer, dryer, refrigerator, dishwasher, hot water heater, air conditioning and garbage disposal working like new! We provide a professional repair service, using only brand new high quality parts and experienced technicians and staff to ensure a quality long lasting repair. We are also providing a valuable recycling service with a big environmental impact on our air and water here in Central Florida. By repairing your appliance you are keeping these white goods out of landfills and dumps and in your home servicing your family and saving you money. Reliable wants you to remember that repairing your appliance IS recycling your appliance! Go Green and save money with a high quality repair! Thank you.

What appliance repair parts do you fix?

We are a rare full line repair and service company servicing all major brands of appliances in your home and/or business. We are uniquely qualified to service highly electronic appliances that have connectivity to the internet as well as complex systems such as touch screens and LED displays. The appliance repair industry is evolving and we are evolving with it. Our environmental and green energy and technology approach means we are committed to keeping appliances working over just throwing them away when they break.

What appliance repair help do you offer?

We offer help with the proper diagnosis and evaluation of an issue before a repair and/or service recommendation is made. Many companies and trades people take advantage of the fact that often the consumer does not know much about complex appliance products in their homes. We educate the consumer as to exactly what is wrong, why it has failed and how it should be repaired. We then determine a fixed flat rate price for all parts and labor and offer that option to the customer. There is no guessing or surprises in our service or offerings. We pride ourselves on conducting our selves in business this way since 1963. Reliable recycles through repair every day and our goal is to keep it affordable and simple to keep appliances where they belong in your home!

What appliance repair certification do you have?

We are licensed by the city of Orlando to provide these services in peoples homes and we are bonded and insured for liabilities associated with operating in our trade. Our technicians average 12 years of real world experience and hold EPA certifications for the work they do. We are always looking at adding educational and environmental certifications to your credentials.

What appliance parts and makes often give trouble?

Every make brand and model has caused us and their owners issues..I would have to say at this time in history the most problematic appliance in general is the refrigerator. As they become more electronic and efficient they are subject to more electrical and mechanical issues. The next in line would be laundry machines of all types. They are very electronic and have more and more features to save water and energy. All this technology, while wonderful for our environment, requires more service and repair.

What tips can you offer regarding appliance care?

Have it serviced BEFORE it breaks..Just like your car or air conditioner or any other machine in your life appliances require regular servicing, cleaning and adjusting. These services are inexpensive and keep you from having major break downs and mal s. Your refrigerator in particular needs cleaning of the compressor and evaporation and condensation coils and fan(s) to operate at normal temperatures. This greatly affects the lifespan of the appliance. Also keep your dryer vent clean and free flowing so that air can travel unobstructed through it. This is important for life safety, energy efficiency as well as the life span of your dryer. Washing machines can last longer if people use less soap. It is better for our environment and keeps the inside of your washing machine from getting that sticky residue that makes its way into all the bearings and electronics causing failures and break downs. These are just a few ideas..You can always call us to learn more.

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