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Randyz Automotive
United States - Spanaway WA
Randyz Automotive - Automotive Engine Diagnostic services to identify and repair problems with the vehicles onboard computer systems.
Electrical repair Troubleshoot and locate sources of faults within the vehicles electrical system, lighting system, alternator, battery charging and starting systems.
Brake repair
Steering and Suspension repair
CV Axle repair and replacement

What kinds of motor-vehicles do you repair?

American and Asian design I repair engines and drivetrains. Repair Electrical problems perform electrical computer diagnostics. Troubleshoot and correct drivability concerns. I repair brake systems. Replace timing belts and water pumps. I troubleshoot and repair ignition and fuel injection systems. Perform tune -up service

What car would you recommend for a first time buyer?

Have a potential vehicle thoroughly inspected by a reputable technician you feel comfortable with. Purchase a vehicle on proven dependability and low maintenance costs. Do not buy a vehicle solely on looks. I recommend Imports as Honda, Kia, Hyundai, Toyota.

What do most people do wrong when it comes to running a car?

They drive too harshly and abuse the vehicle, hard acceleration and braking. Most people worry too much about oil changes and not nearly enough about more important items like the automatic transmission service every 15,000 miles. I have changes so many expensive electric fuel pumps due to people running the car with less than 1/4 tank of fuel, this level allows the electric fuel pump to be exposed and not cooled by the fuel thusly reducing its life by overheating.

How should you service your motor-vehicle?

Change the Fuel filter (if replaceable) every 15,000 miles. Use factory products when performing maintenance or take it to you dealer ( the cost is better than a poorly done half priced job) Regularly service your Automatic Transmission. Oil changes are not the only service just the least expensive one.

Do you have any tips regarding car insurance?

If you can afford it full coverage and GAP insurance is best. Even on a used car full coverage is good. Go with a proven company with good rates. make sure the company has 24/7 phone hours in case of need. Make sure you understand all the coverage terms and costs.

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