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Quali Rafts Specialists
South Africa - Pretoria
Quali Rafts Specialists - We specialise in raft foundations for over 10 years. We can help you to start your building project from the very start, to get a design, we do the earthworks and supply you with the complete foundation. Get us to make your building experience a positive one. It is in our name,Quality you can build on

What is construction management?

To be responsible in every field of a construction site, delivering fast and effecient service to the client but still comply with all NHBRC rules and Health and safety. To see that everyone stick to the plans and deliver quality work so the building or foundations, etc will be safe

What can you tell us about construction safety?

To comply with all the rules set out by the Health and safety dept and officers, to provide PPE and see that all equipment is safe to use. We teach our people how to be safe on site and also keeping it clean. We keep files and meetings according to the safety laws

What kind of constuction training do you have?

we as a team combined have more than 20 years experience in construction but specialise in raft foundations for 10 years. I have personally done a year so far in civil engineering, and we built lodges and houses before in large scale. Worked with huge companies with never a complaint

What are the basics of construction management?

Being able to read a plan, being able to know how to run and read a site, working with the people that makes everything possible, The knowledge to be able to fix things that sometimes happen, being able to do math, knowing your health and safety, having priorities for things done on site and to stick to that

What construction jobs do you specialize in?

doing raft foundations is for us like eating ice cream, we had plenty of experience over the years in different fields, like doing RDP housing, residential housing, garages, workshops, storage blocks,etc. We also do earthworks, we did a few basements before but mostly preparing the platform for the raft foundation

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