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Pure Banter 2
United States - pennsylvania
Pure Banter 2 - Pure Banter 2 is the only Anti Censorship free speech social media on the net! its completely free to use and make accounts, groups, upload photos, play online games and other activities on social media its is still in development and even more features are yet to come what makes us different than other social media sites is lack of censorship and abundance of freedom

What is your forums main goal?

To fill a void in a ever more narrowing issue of free speech social media with more and more censorship happening within social media information is slowly starting to be restricted and the flow information slowly being bottled down we aim to provided a constant source of information at all times

How did you come up with your ideas?

From censorship on major social media platforms starting to limit news stories or even users and users posts to fit a personal agenda we however would like to see the opposite and see free flowing information without the restriction of a personal agenda.

What do most people love about this forum?

The simple freedom to say what they feel and express themselves to the world openly and freely none of are users have to worry about what they say or how they express themselves being called into judgement or being examined edited altered or erased because someone does not agree.

What is your forums target market?

Anyone looking for a good quality censorship free social media platform or who is sick of the major social media giants who are just in it for the money and promoting there own opinions and affairs through their website to limit information and cure a opinion of their users.

How many active members do you have?

As it stands we have a little over 50 members having just launched two weeks ago we are still just getting off the ground there are much more features yet to come and we are early in development at this point in time but there will be many cool features yet to come.

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pure banter 2
admin and creator of pure banter 2 the only social media site free from censorship and oppression express yourself and dont worry about your posts being deleted, altered, limited, or hidden!

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