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Paper Explosion Solution
South Africa - Somerset West
Paper Explosion Solution - Did a box of paper explode in your office.
Dont have time to do your own filing, Phone me I will sort you out.

I will pick it up from your office and return it to you.
Completed just as you need it.
I can even do it at your premises.
All documents can be scanned to a cd.
Let me do it for you... No need for another staff member.
My fee is R95.00 per hour. This includes the following.
Collecting and delivery of documents.
Labeling of files. Printing done on computer.
Filing of documents.
All documents will have an inventory list
All stationary must please be supplied. Files, indexes and labels.
Do It Now...Dont Wait...

How important is administration to to any small business?

Most imported part off the business. If the admin is not up to date the running of the business can struggle with growing and expanding. Every body hate paperwork and are always left till last. So the admin will have a big back lock aventialy. Papers get lost and misplaced.

What costs are involved to use your services?

There will only be a hourly rate. The job will get done by somebody that love to do filing. Organizing and sorting out your paper work. This will be done in a professional and speedy mater. Your paper work will look professional and organized. No more lost paper work.

What steps can a business take to keep the admin under control?

Get professional help. So that the staff can concentrate on the business it self and not on all the paper work that need to be done. Most of a business time get lost in paper work. There is not a lot of people that love to do paper work. So attention to detail will fail

Can you discuss the term small business administration?

This will be someone that support the small business to learn how to grow and work there way up the business ladder to bigger achievements. To bigger business ideas and bigger dreams. Not to get stuck in the same environment but to go bigger and better.

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Heila Breedt
After working in a office i realized that everybody hated to do the filing. Why? I love to do filing. So we relocated to the Western Cape and struggle to find permanent employment. As i was laying in bed stressing about the bills and how to provide for my family, I realized wait I can do this. Something everybody else hated to do. So give me a change to show you life without paper headache can be done.

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