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PARTY ANIMALS - Petting Zoo We Bring the zoo to you! i have a large selection of exotic and domestic livestock that i have bottle raised that are very sociable. Can do birthday parties company picnics, photo shoots, events from 1 day to 2 weeks give.
I am USDA licensed and insured have been in business 17 years.
Animals include but not limited to buffalo, camels, goats, sheep, llamas, alpaca, porcupines, chickens,sulcata tortoises (95# and bigger),kangaroos, Scottish highlander, zebu, miniature donkeys if you dont see what you are looking for listed give me a call 931-212-1211

Do you have any tips regarding the Entertainment industry?

Do a good job and people will call you back. Be professional. I take pride in my stock and try to have a professional appearance at all times. Of course working with livestock sometimes it is impossible to look professional. I and my staff have wrangled various animals for years and really enjoy the work.

How long have you been involved in Entertainment?

i have owned a licensed zoo for 16 going on 17 years. I have a degree in Animal Science with a minor in Biology from Middle Tennessee State University.I have worked for the Department of Labor for 25 years. I enjoy working with livestock and have found i enjoy working with talented people

What type of people enjoy your talents most?

Any one big kids and little kids alike. my petting zoo has a good variety of animals from mini piglets to water buffalo. Kids of all ages can feed baby bottle or hand feed a variety of critter. I have also done photo shoots and been told that because my stock is so socialized it makes them easy to work with

Have you done any news worthy events or shows?

worked for Ralph Lauren on a photo shot with my camels, worked with A&E on a show called"Big Smo" have worked for the Delta Fair and Music festival for 12 years. Various company picnics Jack Daniels, Niisian, and political event. Birthday Parties, Nativity Scenes you name it If you need livestock for any event give me a call

What is your dream for your career?

For my zoo to be self sufficient and my animals to be liked i work long hard hours with my stock and nothing makes me prouder than for some to say look how happy those animals are. I have sold stock that i was told could be hauler broke or made friendly but i have

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Teresa G. Hinds
I am a active outdoorish woman who absolutely adores her livestock and have been fortunate enough to make a little money with them. Im easy to get along with and a hard worker

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