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Oval Logistics Inc.
United States - Rahway
Oval Logistics Inc. - Please allow us to introduce Oval Logistics.....We have been in the transportation business for over 20 years.We specialize in on-demand and schedule deliveries of priority items.we also provide custom services,such as set ups and exchanges.We also do pick-ups from major Airport.We are all TSA certified.

How do you select a good Courier?

A good courier is selected by their Experience,their level of reliability and integrity and most of all, they always do their service with a smile and white gloves.They should always ensure timeliness, but also have the ability to explain when time not met.

What adivce can you give us about the transport industry?

The transport industry its at a crossroad,right now it is face with hefty penalty,over the road inspections from DOT and constant delays from all these obsticles, meanwhile trying to keep cost down for clients who wants and are entitle to have their products now.

What policies does your business follow?

All driver are provided with orientation and policy&procedure to follow sensitivity training and any other clearances require are obtain.All pick-ups are tracked to ensure timeliness.Any complaints or missed timeframes are review and a corrective action plan is implemented.

Do you have a few client testimonials

Yes we do .Our client believe that Oval Logistics Inc.has achieved exceptional marketing success in our local community and business category.Oval Logistics has enhanced the positive image of small business through service to our customers and our community

What is the size of your fleet?

We have a fleet of cars, vans and trucks upon request.We also have a fleet of independent contractor available 24/7 all year around .We at oval believe that if you need it now, we are the company you would want to try.All are TSA certified ,so put us to the test.

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Reviewed by Mike
If you need logistics, you should really try out OvalLogistics, they provide great service including dedicated fleet, trucking, and local courier services. Their website even has a tracking facility. They also informed us that they have a 24/7 all year around service fleet.

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