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Onsite Mall
South Africa - Germiston
Onsite Mall - I am selling very useful audiobooks for various purposes, for business to personal development, entertainment. These audiobooks are fresh, helpful. They are interesting. They are for people who want to get promotion at work, people who want to get employing especially hard economic times, people who want start their own businesses, people who want to solve personal problems. Businesses owners who want to grow their businesses, moms who want to start their own home based businesses, people who want to get out of debt and save money for future. People who want to manage themselves. People who want to be self reliant.

What new technology articles do you recommend?

Buy audiobooks. They are convenient as you can listen to them while you are doing other things like listening to them while you are driving on highway. you can listen to them on a car radio, home radio or on your cellphone.

What advice would you give to buyers?

Go with times. New technology means new development as you increase your vocabulary.

How will New Technology change our lives in the future?

It will save us precious time. It will give us much needed convenience, pleasure, peace of mind, reduce workload. It will equip us with skills so as to live a better life.

Who is your target market?

Students and people who are economically active or on the working class. People who are eager to learn new things. People who are ambitious. People who are employable and have dreams. People who want to increase their level of knowledge.

What is your business history?

My business is a few months old. It is aimed to help needy people in various fields especially in this information age.

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I am selling valuable audiobooks for people who want to succeed in the business world. Individuals who want to live a better life. They are for people who want to climb the corporate ladder. They are for people who want to organise themselves. These audiobooks are also for people who want to be able to overcome challenges and obstacles.

Some of these audiobooks offer health advices so that people can live healthily and longer.

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