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More than just Food A way of Life
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More than just Food A way of Life - Thrive Life Food is more than just Food it is a way of Life.
Freeze Dried and Dehydrated foods are available free of UN-wanted chemicals, no artificial flavors and colors, Non GMOs and of coarse they ship to your door. Organic products are also available.
Easy to prepare, since all the hard work has been done for you they are pre chopped, pre cut, pre sliced, pre cooked selected items, and Freeze Dried so no refrigeration is needed READY WHEN YOU ARE!

What is your best selling product?

All of our products sell well, and to compliment them we just came out with a new line of Simple Plate Meals Designed to give anybody not familiar with Freeze dried products an incredible easy ability to try them. With complete instructions for a no fail crash course in preparing complete gourmet Meal in minutes instead of hours.

Do you offer any kinds of guarantees?

Yes We offer a 100% money back guarantee for 30 days. If you dont like the product or if it was damaged during shipment or hey even if you just decide you dont want it after ordering it just send it back for a full refund with in 30 days. no questions asked.

How did you actually start this business?

I am a Consultant for this business. Yes, it is also my business of contacting and recruiting customers. I started with this company because they offer what every body else has failed to offer and that is a product and a way of compensation that far exceeds all other businesses.

Who is your target market?

My Target Market is everybody that eats Food. Ok, Ill narrow that down a little bit for what we are seeing in this new faze of UN-healthy people is that they want to get healthier. They are poked, prodded and told that the food that they are consuming is healthy when it clearly is not.

How have customers responded to your products?

Customer love our products, I love our Products.
More times than not Customers return for more.
They are also encouraged to send in recipes that they have created using Thrive Products so others can try and enjoy.

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George Eldridge
I/ We Live in Washington State, We have 6 wonderful children and two grand children all of whom love Thrive Life and What it has done for us as a Family. Everybody Benefits From Thrive Life in one way or another. We Enjoy Great, Awesome and Amazing Food.

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