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Memory of Pirate Ships
United States - Las Vegas
Memory of Pirate Ships - Memory of Pirate Ships is a kickstarter founding website designed to raise money for upcoming project I am building. 12 feet long remote control pirate ship. As a model maker, problem solver, mechanical engineer with over 30 years of building models I am an expert in what I do and will do in the future.

What model agencies have you worked with?

None. I have not been with no model agency up to today I have found your company.

What is the hardest part about being a model?

I think that if you are or have something beautiful to show everything else will follow. I have the most and super item for show. It is 12 feet long remote control model of pirate ship I am currently building from scratch without any blueprints nor any outside help.

Can you describe what you offer to clients?

After I got founded and get the capital I am after I will build 20 feet long acrylic bottle and driving around the states and perform the shows, companies promotions, advertisings and more. Basically customer will have opportunity to have a memory of the pirate ships by stand by the model and take a pictures.

What is your dream?

My long life dream is to become a Millionaire and maybe a Billionaire and go Global. Be recognized all over the planet Earth with my skills what I can build. . I know for a fact that I live in most powerful and wealthy country on this planet therefore there is no reason I should not become one of I just wrote. Dreams are free so no one cant stop me from doing at least that.

What is your target market?

My target market is to touch every person on this planet over 7,000,000,000 people by having them to open their mind and see that all it is possible and can be whatever they can be. My ship in the 20 feet long bottle would be the best art in the current Centennial and after.

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