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Lowest traveling prices or you go for FREE!
United States - Every State 29 countries!
Lowest traveling prices or you go for FREE! - Hello everyone! Im on here to share an Amazing opportunity with anyone looking to travel at the guaranteed lowest price!
World Ventures is an international direct seller of vacation club memberships that helps people achieve more fun, freedom and fulfillment by offering Dream trips memberships, which include premium vacations at reduced prices. On INC 5,000 list were currently ranked #915 & climbing the ladder rapidly! With an amazing 491% growth in the last 3 years, were expected to do even better in 2016!
We recently moved up to #32 on Direct Selling News, DSN, & #20 in North America.
After just celebrating our 10 year anniversary this past January were very excited about the changes that are coming out this year that will make our Dream trips even better! Our slogan is "Make a living, living". Were trying to help everyone from all walks of life be able to take the vacations they dream about & enjoy life with those closest to them. We have Dream trips in every state & currently 29 countries.
When you sign up you get your own website to see the 11,000+ vacations we have on the books to choose from & an itinerary detailing each one. When you sign up we have three packages to choose from, Basic, Gold, or Platinum. They are as follows:
Basic: Is a Onetime fee of $100 + $25 a month.
Gold: Is a Onetime fee of $200 + $50 a month.
Platinum: Is a Onetime fee of $300 + $100 month.
(Please see picture below to see what all each package includes)

Whichever package you decide to choose the money you spend to enroll automatically goes into your travel savings account ready to use within minutes on any Dream trip youre looking to book.
One great thing about our company is when you refer four people to join as members your fees are waived as long as those four, or more, stay active. Thats right you Never have to pay the monthly fees again! Any other company offer that? Thats only a portion of the truly unique & amazing things our company offers! Every penny you put into the travel membership goes into your piggy bank that you can apply towards our already low price Dream Trips. Theres so many things that our company offers, Im just listing a few here & some below for you to see for yourself.
We also have the Dream trips promise, meaning if you find the same vacation, with everything included in our Dream Trips, for even a penny cheaper theyll refund your money & send you for FREE!!! We literally put our money where our mouths are. Even once you get four people signed up you would still get the money you were paying for your monthly fees added to your account on your yearly anniversary date. Which is another pretty awesome bonus to being a member! Wouldnt it be nice if more businesses offered that? After a year youre reimbursed for every penny you spent, or got waived over the course of the year back to travel on?
A couple questions you may find yourself asking is are there any contracts or cancelation fees? Well the answer is NO & NO! After you join if for any reason you decide you dont want to continue then simply call customer service & cancel, easy as that! Also theres no contracts saying you have to be in a certain amount of time. Once you take a Dream trip & see how amazing it is & how much youve saved by being a member youll see how different a vacation is from our Dream trips! The company handles all reservations so you dont have to take time out of your busy schedule to book swimming with the dolphins or riding horse back on the beach. The company takes care of everything so you can truly have a memorable time! Each Dream trip offers different itinerarys that you can choose to do but not mandatory. Dont want to do whatevers offered on that certain Dream trip? You dont have to! Just show up & enjoy yourself, its your vacation, spend the time however you choose to!
Below I have our website that you can look at for more information as well as some of the many awards weve received over our first 10 years. If you have any questions or if theres anything I can explain better please dont hesitate to contact me & Ill be happy to assist/answer anything you may have! I hope this may help you enjoy life & your vacations more!
Below are the websites we chose when we enrolled, you can name yours whatever you choose as long as its available. Either click on it or copy/paste it into your browser.
Click on the #2 tab to watch a video about all the fabulous cheap places we offer as a member.
You can email me anytime at & put WV as the subject so I can weed out any spam I may get. Cant wait to see you with us on the beaches around the world! Have a Blessed day!
Accomplishments weve earned &/or been recognized for:


1. My Deals App: s://

2. Exclusive Deals: s://

3. Dreamtrips: s://

4. Referal Program: s://

5. Gold Membership Overview: s://


6. Using Dreamtrips Points: s://

7. Dining and Entertainment Benefits: s://

8. Dreamtrip... More Than a Vacation: s://

9. Worldventures Foundation and how we give back: s://

10. Tax Benefi

Are you registered to operate?

Yes, I am a professional network marketing independent rep for World Ventures.

How long have you been operating?

Only a year with World Ventures, but I have several years, about 5, with other companies. When I seen the concept World Ventures has I had to jump on board!

What travel specials do you currently offer?

The guaranteed lowest prices traveling or you go for free! NO OTHER company/website offers that!!! Plus SO MUCH MORE!!!

What trends are you seeing in the industry?

We have Rate shrinker which is when you purchase your plane ticket itll automatically book the flight at the lowest cost & refund you the money! So you dont have to keep checking prices of flights. Plus SO MUCH MORE!!!

What destinations are most popular with your clients?

Well were in every state & 29 countries, but if I had to name a few of the more popular ones Id have to say Hawaii, Mexico, Bora Bora, Greece, Germany, & Europe.

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