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Kutsaka Auto
South Africa - Kempton Park
Kutsaka Auto - We offer professional, reliable and highly competitive vehicle service for all types of vehicles. Kutsaka Autos strategy is to expand quality vehicle repair services to all customers nationally through the pursuit of technical leadership, good corporate governance, uncompromising quality and excellent service. Kutsaka Auto focuses on servicing, repairing and maintaining of all makes of vehicles that are primarily out of motor plan as well as out of warranty. Kutsaka Auto offer the full range of diagnostics & repairs from simple fixes to extensive replacements and complex maintenance covering areas such as: Servicing, Brakes, Clutch Kit, Cam belt & Timing Chain Kit, Exhaust System, Suspension, Starting and Charging System, Electrical system, Diagnostics & Repairs, Engine Overhaul Etc…

What are some good motor car investments?

Any vehicle that a person finds financially and economical to be the best for oneself. Quality can not be compromised and every person has to decide what suits them and their families needs. Safety, economically and financially is of great importance when choosing a vehicle.

What cars are the best value for money?

A vehicle in todays expensive world that is economical on petrol and parts maintenance. Choosing a vehicle depends on make and model as some parts are difficult to order locally, access is limited in some models. Today people choose vehicles on fuel consumption and maintenance expenses.

Can you explain how a motor car actually works?

Ignition is turned, power gets transferred by battery to starter, engine gets started with starter turning flywheel/ring gear. each cylinder in engine gets fuel via carburetor or injector and spark plug fires and ignition fuel in cylinder on compression stroke, the energy that is generated by those explosions in the cylinders gets transferred to gear box and gear box then via prop shaft or CV joints then propels wheels that propels your vehicle

What is your history in business?

The workshop is owned and managed by Fumani Rikhotso, who has over 13 years of motor industry experience. Fumani Rikhotso, owner of Kutsaka Auto has built his experience through working for dealership for both big and small cars as well as being in the Technical Training and Development department. Being owner managed gives Kutsaka Auto the extra urge towards perfection, this is proven by our ever-growing clientele base. His focus now is to offer a professional, reliable, highly competitive vehicle service for all types of motor vehicle.

What motor car news excites you most?

News of upgrades on vehicles and news about latest models and new inventions on new models/vehicles that includes safety, luxury and performance. News and feed back from clients regarding the previous work on their vehicles and the satisfaction not only from the work that was done but also knowing that they appreciate our quality work and service they received from Kutsaka Auto. In future we know that they are safe in Kutsaka Autos hands.

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