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Kora In Dream World Novel!!
United States - New York
Kora In Dream World Novel!! - Its a novel about a 13 year old girl whos in the hospital but when she wakes up she ends up in a world away from hers. The manga for it will come out soon so look forward to it :D

Have you ever had Writers Block?

No I have never written on Writers block..nor have i heard of it...haha I like writing on Tapas because you write stories on it and people can comment and subscribe to it to show me that they like it.

What topics are of interest to you?

hmmm topics... Some topics that interest me would be food, music, and anything thats basically art related :)

What inspires you as a writer?

When I know that there are people who will look forward to my novels, it motivates me to keep writing but if I dont have any...then of course I dont have anything that would motivate me. I write for fun because my friends seems to like my stories

Has this book been in any news articles?

No, this novel is just made for fun...its not an official novel or anything...

What has been your most popular book to date?

Um...I dont really have a popular book or anything. My first and newest novel is this one "Kora in dream world" which is just an online novel made for fun so people can enjoy reading it

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Draw and write for fun XD

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