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Katch-A-Buy - I sell mostly pre-read books on line that are usually in really great condition. Check me out at Bonanza/ or E BlueJay / - These are the main sites that I sell books on. The pre-read books that I handle are both fiction and non-fiction, they include-Romance Books Childrens Books Home Improvement Books Medical Books College Text Books- Action/ Adventure Books- Travel Books- Religious Books - Sports Books - Hunting Books Mystery books Books for Women - Self-Help Books Informational Books Holiday Decorating Ideas Books Antique Books and many other kinds of Books-

Can you recommend any other books to our website?

I now handle just about all types and styles now, but if any new ones come up I will also handle them , just so the public is not left out. I believe that everyone should READ and if they do not know how to read I believe they should learn and practice Practiceand Practice more.

Who is your all time favourite author?

John Grisham is a very good author but there are mony more that come to mind. They include Valeris Sherwood, - Nelso Demille, Laurie R. King,- Stephen King, Richard Yates, Robert N. Taylor,- Joel Rosenberg Lawrence Sanders,Ted Dekker, Carley Phillips, -And Many More

What is the last book you read? And whats is about?

Star Trek The Next Generation. Together, Captain Picard, Commander Riker, Lt. Commander Data and the rest of the Enterprise crew must join forces with the former crew of the Stargazer to solve the mystery of Picards past before a ruthless assassin unleashes a terrible revenge that threatens the entire galaxy.

Can you tell us about your favourite best selling books?

My favorite hardcover book of all time was " And The Fans Roared " This hardcover book was authored by some of the best sports people of the century, Joe Garner Bob Costas, and George Foreman. Besides reading about the games you cam also hear the actual events on two audio CDs that come with this hardcover book.

Describe your books goal?

To help people get to enjoy reading and in the process of getting better at reading they may also at the same time increase their the ability to make a better living and have a better quality of life. To accomplish this goal you have to start to read very early in your life and keep increasing your abilities from the start of your life to the very end.

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I am a retired business owner that likes to keep busy and at the same time try to help the general public to increase their personal value.By selling books on line I feel that I may be able to help someone else get thru life easier.

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