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JIS Intercom Security
South Africa - Johannesburg
Jis intercom & security - cctv cameras installations and free maintenance.

4 channel to 32 channel
High definition cameras (hd)
Analogue high definition cameras (ahd)
IP cameras
Playback recording up to 30 days
Motion detector and alarm
Remote viewing

Intercom installation.

Hd video and audio quality


We install cat 5, 6 and 7 for home and business

What is best practice for digital systems design?

There is a wide variance in the quality of the hardware within any signal path, and under the same conditions, one brand of blue ray player may perform fine, hence another may not. The same goes for display.testing source components or display during initial system conceptual design can save time and money

What digital systems resources can you recommend

Blue ray system and 3d system gadgets, computers and robot and etc.

What are the basics of digital systems?

The digital system we deal with the binary numbers system. This means that the value of an element can be either 0 or 1. The element can also be referred to as false or true for 0 or 1 respectively.

What tech news are you excited about?

Technology is growing in South Africa than before, and the fact that we are now having more inventors from South Africa. Internet and social media has became more popular to most everyone.

Give us a broad overview of the term digital technology?

Digital technology is a type of transfer that involves braking a message or form of communication between two machines down into binary code. Binary code consists of ones and zeros and can be reassembled upon being read by another piece of equipment that utilized digital technology.

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JIS is a registered security company which install cctv cameras, intercom, network, moto gates and garage moto. All our installations are under 1year warrenty and free maintenance.

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