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JINApelli Apparel for Men Women
United States - St.Louis
JINApelli Apparel for Men & Women - JINApelli Apparel for Men & Women is a unique boutique luxury brand that carries custom business suits, dress shirts, long & short dresses, elegant evening gowns, party dresses, shoes, and handbags. Although we mainly cater to business professionals and executives, we also carry some casual items as well. Such as men Oxford shirts, and women jump suits, and off the shoulder dresses.

What clothing looks are popular at the moment?

As far as I can tell, the trends are leaning more toward business casual and for many that have to look presentable but not exceptional. Simply attire like khakis or a nice pair of jeans, with some loafers and a decent button down shirt seems to suffice.

What should women never wear?

I think it depends on the women first and foremost, then the item itself. So for instance a woman that is self confident about herself, her abilities, and her comfort level, may wear spandex to the grocery store as well as around the house whereas a woman that does not feel comfortable about herself in her own skin may feel thats too revealing .

What is your most popular product?

My most popular product to date has been the Lace Body Contour Dress! Every time I get them in I sell out of them very fast! Last summer I had about 4 dozen that came in and I sold out of them in 1 weekend! This summer I had 12 dozen in stock and they sold out within a week! Of course I wish all my products would fly off the shelf!

What is your history in the industry?

I orignally started out in this business in 1997 but soon gave up and did something else. Last year I decided to give it another try since I always wanted to have my own brand. So for the past two years I have been building my brand and Im looking forward to the day I cash flow $1million. I realize now that if I had stayed with in 20 years ago, chances are I would have well surpassed that many times over.

What kinds of jobs do you take on?

I take orders when ever and from where ever I I can. I always look for opportunities to push my brand everywhere I go. I alwasy have business cards and give them out freely! I have a particular client that did business with me last year only becuase I told her I would have the manufacture make something for her in her size, and I did. She contacted me this year again for a dress for her birthday celebration out of the blue! And I took care of her again!

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My Products / Services
Men Dress Shirts/Millionaire Status Brand Collection
This dress shirt collection was the first products I put out! Im very proud them and continue to be! They are extremely comfortable and well made. Virtually wrinkle free and washable, although I always have mine dry cleaned. Light starch and on a hanger. They come in sizes small to 2 XL and in red striped, blue striped, purple striped, solid blue, and solid pink.

Product Features
Business Owner's Profile
Tim Mosley
I am a veteran, a hard worker, and a believer in the fact that hard work and persistence does pay off. The key word here is persistence! I believe that with everything thats in me.

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